Project Light-Up Caramoan 2.0

Thursday, 9 March 2017


After two months, Liter of Light together with HSBC volunteers went back to Caramoan to help the victims of Typhoon Nina.

As expected, their hospitality is immeasurable. We talked to the residents who received solar lamps last December and they’re still very thankful. They told us, instead of buying kerosene/gas for them to have a light, they are now saving more money for their essentials.

The next day, the team spent two-hour of boat ride to reach Sitio Malindog. 50 solar lamps were given to the island of Gibgos. The locals were delighted as we opened the boxes full of solar lamps. They shared their struggles during the night since they don’t have any source of light in their island. After the light giving, they told us that it will be easier now for their kids to study during the night. They can now do their homework and also play in their homes.

When it’s time to leave the island, the kids accompanied us to our boat. It’s kind of an emotional moment for us since these kids really captured our hearts.

Thank you to all the people who made this Project Light-Up possible. To the HSBC family, Daj Mary Collene Vhernie Red Jodi Ara Hai. And to the mother of Caramoan, Kapitana Myrna L. Rodriguez. Thank you again!

For the people who are willing to help Sitio Malindog, (especially on their medical needs) please do message on our FB page.

#LightUpPH #LiterofLight #Bethelight


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