Liter of Light Celebrates Earth Day 2014

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April 22, 2014 marked the celebration of Earth Day all over the world. This gave everyone the chance to give back to Mother Earth by promoting more earth-friendly and sustainable solutions to the increasing amount of environmental problems we face today. As one of the solutions to our worsening energy problems, a Liter of Light was one with the world in celebrating Earth Day.


The  Liter of Light team started the day off with the launching of a joint project with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) called “Light the City”. A training on how to build a solar light followed which was attended by several community members such as the media, celebrities,  and government officials. More importantly there were members from various Local Government Units who attended the training, who would be able instruct their colleagues and constituents how on to construct solar lights and spread the knowledge about it.


This was followed by A Liter of Light’s participation in the Earth Day Network’s celebration themed “Green Cities” at the Quezon City Circle. The team worked on designing the booth where solar lights were displayed and hung around the booth. A lot were interested on the purpose of the project and the Liter of Light team was there to spread the message of the purpose and goals of liter of light. Not only that, but several trainers from PWD demonstrated how solar lights are assembled, and engaging all those interested in the project by explaining the purpose, process, and advantages of using the solar lights.

The day also included the launching of a joint project with the MMDA to light-up the many unlit foot bridges around Metro Manila. This project aims to make the city safer and more secure, especially for citizens who have to travel along these bridges at night. The first solar night lights for the project were installed in the Quezon Avenue footbridge.


The day culminated in a community dance where the Liter of Light team and members of other participating organizations danced around the bonfire with the solar lights.

As Liter of Light celebrates Earth Day 2014, it hopes to have been able to send its message across clearly and that more members of the community will be interested to help out in this cause.

“If the Philippines can do a people power revolution to take away the dictator, why not take away the dictatorship of energy poverty? Why not use the power of the people? That is what we are known for.”- Illac Diaz