Haiyan Alternative Reconstruction Begins: Earthbag Courses Start

Monday, 21 April 2014


Philippines Eco-Housing Project is scheduled to proceed. The project aim is to train and empower the Filipino people to build cost-effective, typhoon-resistant housing using local materials.


Philippines Eco-Housing Project will kick off with the first 10-day workshop at Sigma, a town in the Province of Capiz on April 18th to May 2nd, 2014. It is our honor and privilege to invite you to this workshop. There will be three trainers from Australia who are experienced in this technology having built numerous structures of this kind:

• Adrian Paech: Off-Grid Aid founder, Qualified Earth-Bag Builder (Superadobe)
• Jose Dib: Workshop coordinator, Qualified Earth-Bag Builder, Qualified Permaculture Designer
• Les Mundt: Trainer / Qualified Builder / Earth-Bag Builder (Superadobe)

This workshop will provide training in earth-building technologies and permaculture solutions. At the end of the workshop, trainees will have built a 6.8mx4m daycare center that also doubles up as an evacuation shelter. Once trained builders have completed their hands-on training, they will have the skills required to build their own earth-bag structures back in their town.


One of the key project aims is to combine modern earth-bag technologies with traditional Filipino techniques. We hope to use this workshop as an opportunity to learn from the people of the Philippines. We hope that our trainees can bring their local knowledge and techniques to assist us in fine-tuning the design as we progress.

Email: narissabernas@offgridaid.com
Philippines: (63) 917-811-0645
Australia: (61) 411-424-394

or illac@1LiterofLight.org