Thursday, 30 May 2013

Even in our modern times, there are still a number of Filipino urban-dwellers who do not have access to proper lighting fixtures.  In order to address this, Sika Philippines, a world renowned leader in the chemical construction industry, recently entered into a memorandum of agreement with My Shelter Foundation’s “Isang Litrong Liwanag” (1 Liter of Light) project.

This initiative involves the use of empty one-liter soda bottles as makeshift solar bulbs. These ecologically and economically sustainable solar bulbs amplify the rays of the sun and act as light bulbs during the day, thus providing an innovative way to bring illumination inside the house without using electricity. Given the need for a highly-reliable, weatherproof, and strong sealant to keep them in place, Sikaflex was selected based on its unparalleled performance. “Our company was tapped to provide a quality sealant that can withstand extreme heat and moisture. Sikaflex is certainly equal to the task,” explained Sika Philippines General Manager Jason Baradas.

“We are thankful that Sika has formed a strong partnership with us, to help shed some light both literally and figuratively,” remarked My Shelter Foundation founder Illac Diaz. “Our target is to make a small dent on the 20 million Filipinos who do not have access to light.”

At present, there are 120,000 solar bulb recipients all over the country. According to Diaz and Baradas, the partnership of SIKA Philippines and ‘Isang Litrong Liwanag’ aims to reach more than 50,000 recipients in 2013. These solar bulb components and Sikaflex sealant will also be distributed to 100 areas around the country.

“Because Sika believes in building trust, we will continue to support worthwhile causes like the Liter of Light project and other programs similar to this in the years to come,” Baradas stated ■