Friday, 5 April 2013

Liter of Light

Liter of Light Logo

Adequate lighting enhances functionality and safety for everyone, and is especially important for people with low vision and older adults. The Liter of Light project uses plastic bottles to create solar bulbs that refract sunlight to produce as much light as a 55-watt bulb. Solar bulbs require no electricity, are inexpensive and are easy to make with locally available materials.
An ordinary plastic bottle is filled with water and a little bleach, and then installed into a roof using simple tools, corrugated steel and sealant. Liter of Light is a project of the Myshelter Foundation, which supports low-cost sustainable building solutions at the grassroots level in the Philippines. The project has lit up 28,000 homes in Manila alone, and is now spreading to other areas in the Philippines as well as India, Indonesia and even as far away as Switzerland.