Tuesday, 5 March 2013


GiverDid you know that the total amount of energy from the Sun that reaches the surface of our planet in one year is “twice as much energy as ever existed from all sources of coal, oil, natural gas, and uranium combined” (Solar Cell Central, 2011)? So, why do we use all those polluting and dangerous sources, when we have free energy coming down to us from the sky?

You may answer that one needs to have complex technology to harness solar energy and transform it into electricity for lightning our houses. And not everyone has access to this technology, especially in poor developing countries.

But can you make this solar-energy-gathering-and-light-creating technology simple to make and accessible for everyone? “Yes!” – say our friends behind A Liter of Light project, – “All you need is to find a plastic bottle, fill it with water, build it into your roof and there you have it – free solar energy in your house!”. This simple yet creative solution helps members of poor communities in developing countries a lot: it gives free light in their houses, which are built very close to each other, are without or few windows and without “solar bottle lamps” are thus constantly dark the whole day.


“But what about the night time?” – you may inquire. Well, here is the latest good news both for you and residents of those poor communities: now there is the night version upgrade available!


You can learn the whole story of A Liter of Light and simple impact they create atwww.literoflight.org.

And how do YOU think people should gather and use solar energy potential in a simple and accessible way?

© Featured picture and videos by A Liter of Light.

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