Friday, 8 February 2013

7th November, 2012

Press Release

CHANGE is a youth based organization which works for the development of the environment through involving youths and implementing environmentally friendly projects. Ex: Botol Bati

From 1st to 7th November 2012, CHANGE has organized 6 days workshop on Solar Bottle light (Botol Bati)  with the support of BRAC, Liter of Light Switzerland, North South University and Abdul Monem Ltd. We have also installed several Solar Bottle Lights with the Swiss team in Mohakhali Slum area.

CHANGE has received the global partnership of Liter of Light on 2nd September 2012 to promote and spread out the Solar Bottle Light technology nationwide. Liter of Light is a global initiative on bottle light which has its activity in 11 countries all around the world.

Today we have our special guests Mr. ASM Mainuddin Monem, Deputy Director of Abdul Monem Ltd. and Chief guest Ms. Rokia Afzal Rahman, Former Adviser to the Caretaker government of Bangladesh. We also have the Liter of of Light Team who came all the way from Switzerland.

Solar Bottle Light: Solar Bottle light is a very simple technology of using two liters plastic bottles for the day time lighting purpose which works by refracting the sun light directly into the households. It gives equivalent light of a 55w electric bulb without any electricity consumption.