Run for Charity. Run for Liter of Light. Condura Skyway Marathon.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

After its wildly successful 2012 campaign, Liter of Light aims to end the year and welcome 2013 with a barnburner! Liter of Light is proud to be a part of the annual Condura Skyway Marathon.


Liter of Light is one of four beneficiaries of the Condura Skyway Marathon.


In 2012, more than 12,000 runners grabbed the opportunity to run on the Skyway, one of the main arteries of Philippine thoroughfare.


This year, be one of the 15,000 people to run on the Skyway.


Pledge to bring light to homes all around the nation.


This year, not only is Condura expecting the biggest turn-out of runners for the much anticipated Skyway marathon, Condura is also encouraging runners to find people to pledge PhP 50 per kilometer they successfully run and/or a time bonus of PhP 500 if they hit their time goal.


These funds are substantial considering that it only costs $2 to build and install a Solar Bottle Bulb to homes that need light.


A Liter of Light is a grassroots campaign that started small and grew to change the world. It is proof that changing the world can be done by taking small steps whose impact is enormous.


Take the step. Run for change. Run for light.


Register online here!