New York Times feature on Liter of Light

Monday, 3 December 2012

“A tiny Filipino organization, the My Shelter Foundation, has put the bottle bulb in tens of thousands of houses in the last year and is aiming for a million homes this year.   The project, called Isang Litrong Liwanag — A Liter of Light —  is the perfect grassroots campaign.   It starts with community activities — on November 30, for example, 10,000 cyclists delivered bottle bulbs to 17 communities around Metro Manila.   But after a few demonstration projects in each community, the only thing that needs to be delivered is the how-to information.  This is a technology program where word of mouth and social media really can do most of the work.

This model — make it yourself, for no money, from garbage — solves a lot of problems at once.  Affordable, even for the destitute?  Easy to distribute, even to remote places?   Scalable?  Sustainable?  All check.  (And since it employs old plastic bottles, it’s doubly eco-friendly.)   The only challenge is to spread information.   That’s not a trivial challenge, but it’s a lot easier than all the others.”

Read the full feature written by the New York Times here.