A Liter of Light at TEDx Dubai

Thursday, 13 October 2011
TEDx Dubai 2011

TEDx Dubai 2011


TEDx Dubai, the program designed to spread ideas and simulate dialogue is back this year on 22 October 2011 with the theme “The Beauty of Small Things.”

TEDxDubai 2011 will feature stories that discover the fascinating tiny details that can turn a simple idea in something extraordinary by introducing a “Talent Search” for speakers which will include Illac Diaz together with his advocacy to light up the world one bottle at a time through MyShelter Foundation’s A Liter of Light(Isang Litrong Liwanag) project.

Illac Diaz, founder and executive director of MyShelter Foundation, will be talking about how a revolution in zero-energy grassroots lighting is taking place in Manila’s poorest districts and how one solar bottle light started in April 2011 is starting to bring the eco-friendly solar bottle bulb to disprivileged communities nationwide.

Speakers for this event will also include current and future leaders, as well as, innovators in our community such as Helen Papagiannis, Hala Kazim, Christian Boer, Loy Machedo, Ali Amarsy, Dennie Pasion, Noush Like Sploosh, William Rankin, Danae Ringelmann, Dr. Tariq Kashmiri and Samia Kazi, Chris Colwell, Kosta Grammatis, Maria Conceicao, Erika Lives and Anna Stillwell. More details about this event is in their website http://www.tedxdubai.com/.