Here’s how ‘bottle lights’ conserve energy

Monday, 11 April 2011

SAN PEDRO, Laguna, April 11 (PIA) — Residents of Barangay San Vicente in this municipality wholeheartedly embraced recently the innovation introduced to them by My Shelter Foundation, a non-government organization.

The innovation is called “bottle light,” so called because it is made of an empty 1.5 liter softdrink bottle that can be made a source of light.

It is a cheaper alternative to other light sources because all one has to do is to install it on the roof. The bottle light will then absorb the sunlight and will scatter it inside the house.

Said barangay is the first in the country and even in Asia to use the bottle lights in homes. Four hundred homes were lighted at the project launch recently.

Studies have shown that one can save by using the bottle light instead of a light bulb during daytime.
According to Meralco, P70-80 will be saved if a household will not use bulb in a month.

Illac Diaz of My Shelter Foundation said that one will only spend P150 per bottle light and making one is easy, just fill a 1.5 liter clear soft drink bottle with purified water as tap water will eventually produce moss, then add 3 tablespoons of liquid bleach and tightly seal the cap. Make a hole in the roof and insert the bottom part of the bottle leaving it exposed under the sunlight. Seal roof with a sealant to prevent raindrops from getting inside the house.

The group is hoping that what they have started will be replicated in the country so no Filipino will ever live in a dark home again.

Meanwhile, Diaz asked everyone to donate, instead of throwing away, their empty soft drink bottles. (Alan C. Ortillano, PIA-Laguna)